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One-Sheet Nation

ONE SHEET NATION is Carney Media’s sales and marketing venture which specializes in reaching multicultural audiences with One-Sheet Posters – the original Point-of-Purchase advertising medium.

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Be There When They Buy…

Not New

Over 10 years of One-Sheet operations experience gives us the know-how to get deep into the urban markets. Our installers have trained noses for the neighborhoods, sniffing out the posting locations where the urban traffic is strongest, and with the best dwell-time.  

Not General Market

We specialize in reaching niche markets in multi-cultural communities. We have the methodology to identify and target any ethnic marketplace across the U.S.,  which are frequently difficult to reach with other OOH formats.

Not Sexy

One-Sheet posters and posting are about as basic as you can get. Specify your target audience and your desired media weight – in either units or GRPs – and we’ll generate a spotted map reflecting a “typical” distribution of locations throughout any geographical definition of your client’s audience.

Not Digital, or Fractional

One-Sheets are right there at eye level. It’s your space, and only yours, 24/7, for a minimum showing of 8 consecutive weeks. Copy can be produced in 2 weeks and can be changed out as needed; clients buying 12+ weeks can change at 6-week intervals.

Not Paper

All of our One-Sheets are now printed on weatherproof Coroplast, a rigid synthetic substrate which, when printed with 4- color process UV resistant inks, is weatherproof for months.  All ONE SHEET NATION contracts are priced as “Production Included;” just send us a digital rendition of your ad - we will no longer accept pre-printed paper.  Download Production Specs

Not Fixed

With One-Sheets, you’re buying into “The Magic of Temporary Locations.” Every One-Sheet program should be customized to your geo/demographic target with posters at the full range of oft-visited retailers. Of course we can give you C-stores, but don’t ignore the benefits of locations at Laundromats, Barber Shops, Beauty & Nail Salons, Auto Supplyand Repair shops, and the like.

Not Rated

Not that we don’t want to, but because even though our installers can follow ZIP or other mapping instructions closely, nobody knows exactly where your copy will be posted prior to its going up. One-Sheets do not have permanent locations which can be pre-audited, and beyond that, our traffic is downtown pedestrian. But we do strive for accountability by submitting precise location lists and digital POP photos for per your requirement.

Not Wild

ONE SHEET NATION locations are leased, legal, and available in all 210 DMAs. Store owners or managers sign short-form contracts authorizing poster placement for your contracted showing period. After we post, we give you a full location list and digital photographs of 100% of the installations. All posters will be installed within 5 days of initial posting date.

Not Automotive

One-Sheets are a Pedestrian Medium.  All locations are immediately next to the street-front entrance of the stores we select, so your ads reach not only shoppers at those stores, but also passers-by on the sidewalks outside… which is why a bodega on a city street can offer a higher-impact posting than a chain C-Store out on the highway.

Not Just For Products

Because our posting locations are in dense multicultural neighborhoods, One Sheets are the perfect medium for public awareness, health/wellness and "life betterment" messaging specifically created to reach select demographic target audiences.

Not Costly

ONE SHEET NATION is not the oldest or biggest in our business, but we’ll work harder to make your program a success. We make the commitment to ALWAYS be your low-cost supplier of One-Sheet advertising programs.  Our rates start with being “Production Included” and only get better from there.


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